Career Coaching

5 Sessions – 9 weeks

  • CVC® coaching program centered on personal branding and your unique selling point, helping you to stand out from your competition.


  • SCS® coaching program increases your self-worth and communication skills, giving you the authority and positive mindset to achieve your goals.


  • FDF® coaching program concentrates on achieving goals with bravery and resilience. How to prioritize effectively, stay focused, and achieve your career goals.
  • B-weekly 1:1 90 min coaching session
  • Homework and active practice work

€ 985.00

SHA® Leadership Coaching

22 Sessions – 20 weeks

  • Empowering yourself to become a leader in the workplace with a career coaching program that focuses on building longstanding credibility, authenticity and success. 5 Modules Program.
  • b-weekly 1:1 90 min coaching sessions, home work, and active practice work
  • On-call availability for quick solving (e.g. upcoming important meeting, presentation, workshop, etc.)

€ 3850.00

Access Bars Treatment

1 Session – 50 min

  • If you live in or close to Berlin or Potsdam you have the unique possibility to get coached and at the same time run your Bars. This combination opens up a whole new experience of mental and physical well-being.
  • Head harmonization takes place via the excitation or discharge by gently touching the 32 Access Bars® points (32 head points).
  • During treatment, brain waves slow down. In this state of deepest relaxation, a lot of change takes place on the mental and physical level. 
  • Mental patterns can dissolve, and self-healing powers are activated.

€ 85.00

The Journey

One Step at A Time

“Every great journey starts with a single step.” – Maya Angelou

Taking that first step forward is what sets us on the path to achieving our dreams, whether they be personal or professional. Recognizing the importance of initiating action is key to creating positive change, pursuing our passions, and making progress toward our goals. With my career coaching programs and Access Bars treatments, I am here to support you in becoming the best version of yourself as you embark on your journey.


What is coaching? And why would I need a coach?

Coaching originated with sport and can be described as the art of improving a person’s performance, yet not telling them what to do. Together, we explore strategies and develop the skills you need for each situation.

You know the starting point and the destination. How will you reach your destination? What route will you take? How long will it take you, and exactly when do you plan to arrive?

What’s involved, and how does coaching work?

Through the use of coaching, you can gain the ability to set clear and achievable goals for both your personal and professional life. You will have the opportunity to carefully reflect on your circumstances, gain invaluable insights, make informed decisions, and devise effective strategies to achieve your objectives.

Rather than offering ready-made solutions, coaching will guide you with a series of questions, prompting you to discover your own answers.

What are the benefits of using a coach?

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what direction to take in life, especially when those closest to us have their own opinions.

That’s where a professional coach can be really helpful!

I’m here to give you an objective perspective and motivate you towards achieving your goals. By asking thoughtful questions and helping you reflect on your own thoughts and feelings, a coach can guide you toward the solutions that are already within you.

This can really help boost your self-confidence and make you feel more empowered.

How long does it take, and is it worth it?

It’s important to remember that coaching is a process of personal change and development rather than a one-off fix! It can take at least three months to be able to make lasting changes.

I currently offer one career leadership program called the “Success Happiness Strategy ®,” focusing on women in the workplace who want to be visible, move higher, and live a healthy work-life balance, which runs 20 weeks. Two target-based career coachings, one on visibility and the other on self-confidence, both run nine weeks.                        

All programs involve regular 1:1 meetings, homework, and tasks, as well as on-call availability. 

Is career coaching tax deductible? Can my employer pay for my training?

Yes, it is tax deductible! At least in Germany:)

In 2023 you can right off up to 1.230,00 €  under “Werbungskosten” on your tax return. 

Many of my clients have also had their employers pay for their career leadership training. Ask your HR training responsible for your dedicated budget on training and education.


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